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The Japanese manufacturer Toyota is developing hybrid technology at breakneck speed. A leader in hybrid and electric vehicles, it now excels at refining its technology and enabling its hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, better known by the acronym PHEV, to hit the roads around the world. At Manic Toyota in Baie-Comeau, we have many hybrid vehicles for sale in inventory such as the Prius & Prius Prime, the Corolla Hybrid or even the versatile RAV4 Prime!

How do you tell one from the other? The following information will help clarify the difference! First and foremost, let’s recall the efforts made by the Toyota giant when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

The first hybrid vehicles on the market were produced by the Japanese automaker. Since the Prius, Toyota’s first hybrid vehicle, went into production in 1997, more than four million hybrids have been sold worldwide. Since 1997, Toyota has also sold more than thirteen million hybrid vehicles worldwide. By 2021, the number of hybrid vehicles is expected to grow and the global trend seems to be well established. Today, thirty-three hybrid models are marketed in more than ninety countries. This trend coincides with the increase in the price of crude oil and environmental issues that are driving the automotive industry to develop technologies that are more fuel-efficient and generate less greenhouse gas emissions.

Blue Prius Prime On the road  red RAV4 Prime  Two Corolla on the road

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

As you know, hybrid electric vehicles are a viable and efficient solution. By combining an electric motor and a combustion engine, these vehicles have a strong potential to reduce fuel consumption without sacrificing range. The presence of two engines and two energy sources requires a regulator device, called the energy management system, which is responsible for controlling both engines simultaneously. The fuel consumption performance of the vehicle depends in part on the design of this regulator.

More concretely, Toyota’s hybrid electric vehicles combine a gasoline engine and electric motors to generate electricity while you drive. As you drive, Toyota’s hybrid synergy system automatically and seamlessly selects the best source and combination of motive power. Since the system recharges while you’re driving, you never need to plug in a hybrid electric vehicle.