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A Look at Toyota Extra Care Protection

May 15 2019,

A Look at Toyota Extra Care Protection

With the Toyota Extra-Care Protection Program, your peace of mind and the long-term reliability of your Toyota vehicle are assured. The Extra-Care program has two components, Platinum and Gold, that add an extra layer of protection to the basic warranty of your Toyota vehicle.

For a period of up to 7 years or 200,000 kilometers, you can get a warranty that will protect your tires against road hazards, a free oil and filter/inspection program and assistance with vehicle rentals.

Tire protection against road hazards

Tire protection against road hazards covers you for 36 months or 50,000 kilometers, or until the tread of the tire becomes visible. Should your tires be damaged, they will be repaired, and all costs related to parts, labor and balancing are covered.

Oil and filter/inspection program

When you purchase the Toyota Extra Care Program within 31 days of purchasing your Toyota, you get the free oil and filter/inspection program. The latter is available in Platinum and Gold versions and can offer you up to 8 oil and filter services with a tire rotation included. You can also get 3-year maintenance service on vehicles with 12-month or 16,000-kilometer oil change intervals

Vehicle rental assistance

The Extra-Care program also offers assistance in case of trip interruptions caused by a breakdown more than 80 kilometers from your home. If your Toyota breaks down at this time, you will be refunded your canceled travel expenses up to $ 300. You can also get a refund of your rental vehicle if your Toyota must stay at the dealership up to a maximum of $ 400.

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