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Returning your lease, step by step

At Manic Toyota, we want to facilitate the return of your lease and the start of your next Toyota adventure. This is why we have summarized the important steps to know.

4 to 6 months before the end of your lease (~ 120-180 days)

One of our representatives will contact you to remind you that your rental agreement will soon expire. This call is a good time to plan your next visit with us for a pre-inspection. Also, have you decided whether you want to keep your Toyota or get a new model? If so, let us know.

Approximately 2 ½ months before the end of your lease (~ 75 days)

An agent from an independent inspection company, AutoVIN Canada, will contact you to schedule an appointment to inspect your Toyota and pick a location, whether at home, at the office or another place of your choice.

Inspection of your Toyota

A complete inspection of your vehicle will be completed by an AutoVIN Canada inspector using patented technology. Once completed, you can access your inspection report online, usually 48 hours after the inspector's visit. Repairs or necessary maintenance If your inspection report states that repairs or maintenance are required, it is strongly recommended that they be done before returning the vehicle to the dealership. If these are not made upon return of your Toyota, additional charges may apply.

The day before or the morning of the lease return

Before setting off for Manic Toyota to return your lease, be sure to remove all your personal information from the iDrive system on your Toyota. Need help? Download the instructions here.

The return of your Toyota

Your Toyota must be returned to Manic Toyota at the end of the lease or before. To do so, please take an appointment with one of our advisors to assess the condition and confirm that any necessary maintenance or repairs have been done.What you need to bring with you to complete the return:

  • Both sets of keys
  • Owner's Manual
  • Accessories (if applicable)

Finally, you must sign the form confirming the return of your vehicle and, when applicable, settle any lease-end charges.

If you have any questions regarding the return of your lease or to confirm your contract’s end date, please contact one of our financing advisors at (418) 296-9555.

* Please note that these steps are for reference only and the dates may vary.

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