What is Toyota Entune? Find out more about it!

Toyota Entune is a brand-new Toyota infotainment system that was introduced in 2012 and has evolved significantly since then. Today, we get Entune 3.0, a state-of-the-art technology that includes a host of features built into a central touch screen.

With the Entune 3.0 system, you get a range of features including reports detailing the mechanical health of your vehicle including the state of the battery and the amount of oil in the tank. This report allows you to monitor the health status of your vehicle and quickly detect any potential problem. You can also receive alerts that remind you when maintenanceis needed or where there is a recall.

Entune 3.0 also offers a host of features to increase your peace of mind including a system that can alert emergency services when a collision is detected, an assistance system (SOS)to call for help, a stolen vehicle tracking system and roadside assistance system.

You have more safety and better monitoring of the current state of your vehicle with the Entune 3.0 system. You are also entitled to several different applications to entertain you. Entune is primarily an infotainment system, so it can give you access to several different music directories, as well as allowing you to access apps to play music. You also get information such as weather and sports results.

In closing, know that Toyota Entune 3.0 allows connecting to our vehicle remotely to lock the doors or get data on the car even if we are not in the vehicle.

With Toyota Entune, you've never been so connected. Come learn more today at Manic Toyota.

Posted in On Jun 10, 2019

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