Better Understand Toyota Safety Sense Technology

It was in 2015 that Toyota decided to focus heavily on safety, primarily the safety of Toyota vehicle owners. When the Japanese manufacturer introduced Toyota Safety Sense, it promised that the system would be offered at no additional cost on the majority of the brand's vehicles and it kept its promise.

Unlike other active safety technology packages, Toyota Safety Sense is standard. Toyota does not believe that safety should be optional and proves it with its Toyota Safety Sense technology. Today, TSS is in its second generation with the arrival of Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 that joins the Toyota Safety Sense P and Toyota Safety Sense C technologies.

The goal of Toyota Safety Sense is to integrate vehicles with driver assistance technology that can prevent accidents. The new Toyota Highlander is one of the vehicles that receive Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, but there are several others. The completely redesigned Toyota RAV4 2019 is another example. Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 includes:

  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection function;
  • Full speed range radar dynamic cruise control;
  • Lane departure warning system with steering assistance
  • Automatic high beams;
  • Lane Trace System;

The technologies are designed to prevent accidents caused by distractions, either ours or those of other drivers. The pre-collision system with pedestrian detection function is able to warn the driver if another vehicle suddenly brakes or if a pedestrian crosses the street without warning. If you do not react, the system can apply the brakes for you.

The Lane Departure Warning System with steering assistance can warn you if your vehicle ever deviates from its lane and even correct its path. This system combines with the Lane Trace System that keeps you in the center of the lane automatically.

Radar dynamic cruise control with full speed range is able to slow down your Toyota to a full stop on the highway when cruise control is activated and there is congestion. Toyota Safety Sense P includes many of these technologies as well, while Toyota Safety Sense C offers a slightly more accessible version of the TSS system for Toyota's most affordable vehicles.

Regardless of the version of the Toyota Safety Sense system, it dominates its segment in terms of safety. Come and meet us at Manic Toyota today to learn more about TSS.

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