Toyota, the 7 J. D. Power winning models that stand out!

Known for the reliability of its vehicles, Toyota holds a special place in the hearts of consumers seeking to make a smart choice. Once again, J.D. Power proves them right, as the Japanese brand shines above its competitors. 

Discover the award-winning models and learn more about Toyota’s electrified future and 2022 models. 

7 Toyota models stand out 

The ALG Residual Value Awards are a benchmark in the automotive industry for making good vehicle choices. These awards, given by the benchmark J.D. Power, assess the retention of a car’s value after purchase. 

For the 2022 model year, no less than 7 awards were granted to Toyota for the exceptional value of these models: 

  • Toyota Camry 

  • Toyota RAV4 

  • Toyota Highlander 

  • Toyota 4Runner 

  • Toyota Sienna 

  • Toyota Tundra 

  • Toyota Tacoma 

In fact, Toyota ranks on the top spot in this classification for the past several years and has once again swept the largest number of awards. Indeed, Eric Lyman, vice president of ALG, notes: 

“The few brands at the top have found their niche - especially Toyota, with its continued dominance in the utility and pickup segments.” 

So, unsurprisingly, the popular RAV4 compact SUV, the Camry midsize sedan, but also some larger vehicles are included. Particularly, Toyota won again this year with the Sienna minivan, which surpassed the previous leader, the Honda Odyssey. 

Although American pickup trucks are very popular, it is clear that Toyota was able to show the superior quality of its trucks. The Tundra and Tacoma have been redesigned to look even more rugged, which will appeal to fans of sturdy cars. 

Finding the vehicle with the best resale value is important to consumers. To experience the lowest possible amount of depreciation, you can’t go wrong with Toyota! 

Affordable electrified vehicles with Toyota 

In addition to the reliability of its cars, another well-recognized quality of Toyota is the quality-price ratio of its vehicles. Since accessibility is a particular challenge in the electric and hybrid car segment, the Japanese manufacturer is working hard to offer green cars for everyone. 

In 2022, there are several hybrid versions and electric vehicles in the range: 

  • Prius and Prius Prime 

  • RAV4 Prime 

  • Sienna 

  • Venza 

  • Mirai, the first hydrogen-powered electric vehicle 

  • Versions of the Camry, Corolla and Highlander 

With great prices, including plug-in hybrids that qualify for the $8,000 or $13,000 government grants, Toyotas remain affordable. And that’s not to mention the new 10-year extended battery warranty! 

More innovations ahead 

By 2025, the brand plans to have 15 electric vehicles on the market, no less! The bZ (Beyond Zero) concept was recently unveiled and promises new 100% electric models that are particularly powerful, especially with off-road capabilities. 

So we expect state-of-the-art vehicles, without ever compromising the quality of Toyotas. Among the technologies, the Toyota Safety Sense package will enter a new generation with new features and ever-increasing safety. 

Vehicles always popular 

Critics rave about Toyota vehicles, and consumers remain loyal to the brand. In 2021, the RAV4 maintained its position as the best-selling SUV in Canada, while the Corolla and Camry continue to hold a prominent place on the list. 

Here’s a quick look at what the popular Toyota vehicles have to offer: 


Price range 





$21,669 – $31,269 

Compact sedan 

2.0 L 4-cylinder (LE, XSE versions) 

169 hp /
151 lb-ft 


$30,069 - $40,009 

Midsize sedan 

3.5 L V6 (XSE, XSE TRD, XLE) 

301 hp/
267 lb-ft 


$31,669 - $36,269 

Hybrid sedan 

1.8 L 4-cylinder
+ electric 

120 hp /
142 lb-ft 


$30,979 - $43,039 

Compact SUV 

2.5 L 4-cylinder 


+ 2 electric engines 

203 hp/
184 lb-ft

219 hp/
163 lb-ft + 149 lb-ft 
+ 89 lb-ft 


$47,139 - $5,579 

Midsize SUV 

3.5 L V6 

295 hp/
263 lb-ft 

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